6 Steps Fast Natural Hair To Grow Long

6 Steps Fast Natural Hair To Grow Long

6 Steps Fast Natural Hair To Grow Long - Hair is the crown for women especially have long hair has become a dream for all women. For muslims women mandatory with long hair that's why long hair to be typical for petticoats. By having long hair, beautiful and well-preserved it will be something aurora custom for the women of course will make the appearance more attractive to look more charming in the eyes of men.

Not only women now hair is also a trend for the men,why do I say so ? Try you look at the salon's near your town,maybe the salon, once upon a time the only woman to visit but not with age now. As I sindirkan before the average of the men also want to have hair that long, either may follow the model of the day. Because the long hair then the easier it is to change the hair style according to the model of the present.

But it's not easy to make the hair grow faster,a variety of problem hair that's natural of course be one of the factor cause of hair grow long, for example,fall out,hair dry,and infertile. The cause of this could be a serious problem for your hair and can make it cause baldness. For that I will help you overcome this problem. For those of you who want to have hair that is long fast you can try natural treatment the following.

6 Steps Fast Natural Hair To Grow Long:

1. Aloe 
6 Steps Fast Natural Hair To Grow Long

this Plant has been in use a long time ago, the plant aloe vera is very effective for the health of the hair and can make hair body thick and shiny.
How to Use : Take the plant aloe vera and break to take the sap and then rinse in the head in the shower. Rub it until keujung hair.

2. Oil Amla 
6 Steps Fast Natural Hair To Grow Long

remember that the same oil amla, right ? if still you are very lucky because with oil, amla hair you will be more moist and cold,this will cause your hair will be easy to grow. Kelmahan this oil is smells that sting. But you don't have to worry as long as they follow how to use it.
How to use : Apply amla oil on your head before you go to sleep,because the process of the growth of the human faster at the moment we fall asleep.

3. Ginseng 
6 Steps Fast Natural Hair To Grow Long

Plants ginseng able to launch the circulation in the cells of the hair efficacious to overcome hair loss and broken. Also works as aupan nutrition to the hair. Not just hair ginseng is also very good for the human body.
How to Use : Take the root of ginseng enough then boiled in hot water until boiling,drained in a glass, drink it half and half again made as water shampoo that is mixed with the shampoo.

4. Oil Fruit Kemiri 
6 Steps Fast Natural Hair To Grow Long

Oil kemiri useful to stimulate hair growth,old people used to use this oil to grow hair fast,for the male usually this oil dioles on the chin.
How to Use : Burn the fruit kemiri dry in the fire of the candle then take the oil as needed,apply it on the fingers while in the tussle on the head.

5. Kiwi fruit 
6 Steps Fast Natural Hair To Grow Long

kiwi Fruit has a lot of benefits for hair because it contains vitamin C and as an anti-oksidan to protect hair in the sunlight. This is very good for a problem with the hair dry and fall off.
How to Use : Blend kiwi fruit like juice,rub it on your head like using shampoo.

6. Use Vitamin Hair

6 Steps Fast Natural Hair To Grow Long

five basic,as complementary you can use hair vitamins to supplement nutrients hair because hair vitamins is very important as a complementary good to the hair is perfect.

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